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Peter McKanna

Pete McKanna, our “Car Wash Industry Expert”, began his career in the Car Wash Industry in 1977 when he purchased his first car wash in his home state of Illinois. His first wash was a “Full Service” business model, by 1981 he converted that location to one of the first, if not the first and original “Flex Service” locations in the country. His reasoning to create this business model was simple, how to overcome the “free Wash” program offered by the Petroleum Industry at their gas station locations across the country yet provide a much greater wash. Simple, add another wash, name it, “Express”, lower the price on that wash, reduce the services offered with the “Express Wash”, thus born the “Flex Service Business Model”

During his 17-year span operating washes (1977- 1994) Pete purchased and/or build 12 washes in his hometown area and Florida, which included, Full Service, Flex Service, Friction & Touch-Free In-Bay Automatic Bay locations, Self-Service, Exterior Washes, and two petroleum and Quick Lube Sites.

Over time Pete sold some of his washes and in late 1994 Pete decided to sell the remaining washes. He began to investigate other areas of the Car Wash Industry that he could use his vast experience and knowledge to help others, and either improve their car wash business or assist individual’s wanting to enter the business.

Soon after his announcement to retire as an operator, Pete was recruited by a World-Renowned Car Wash Equipment Manufacture in a senior level management position. From there he spent the next 17 years with in positions with a couple of other Car Wash Industries best known equipment manufacturers, traveling North America developing and enhancing the manufactures distributor network.

In 2010, Pete decided to retire from the Car Wash Industry, residing in Florida, living in a golf course community, knowing he doesn’t golf, he quickly realized retirement was overrated, and he wanted to get back to work.

It was then a longtime friend Joshua Song, Founder and CEO of Gateway Capital Funding, a firm that specializes in “Commercial Funding” contacted him and suggested he consider joining his firm. Funding car wash projects has always been part of the loan portfolio with Gateway, however it was time to grow that segment and expand the entire firm, and it was the belief that with Pete’s vast knowledge and business experience, he would be the key to growth.

There are many individuals and or companies that “claim to be experts” in the car wash funding arena, however there are few, if any, who have earned the “real life” experiences Pete has. Thus, providing our clients with a real perspective and in-depth understanding that one can’t have, unless they have been in the Car Wash Business. Who do you want to trust with your future?

If your entering the Car Wash Business or most any other business, contact proven professionals to assist in accomplishing your goal, call Pete McKanna.

Dave Pearcy

Executive Vice President Business Development. 23-year veteran of the Car Wash Industry.

Dave began his career in the Petroleum and Retail Industries serving for 14 years in mid-level, multi-site management positions. It was after that, he entered the Car Wash Industry, for the first 6 years he was employed as an area Sales Consultant, Sales Manager, and General Manager for two of the largest car wash equipment manufacturers in the United States, his territory was the State of Florida.

It was early 2001 when Dave and his wife Judy decided it was time to utilize his experience and knowledge of the Car Wash Industry and create a car wash distributorship. In June of 2001, Dave founded “Anything Car Wash” a premier provider of car wash equipment, supplies, service and wash solutions and related services for the Florida market.

Anything Car Wash offers unlimited services for the car wash operator or someone seeking to enter the industry, these services include property assessment, real estate acquisition, custom in-house site design and equipment layouts, and complete aftermarket support. These services have been utilized in the development and provisioning of over 200 locations throughout the state and extend to all segments of the Car Wash Industry.

Some of Anything Car Wash’s clients included however not limited to ExxonMobil, Amoco, Albertson’s, Enterprise Car Rental and a vast number of other corporate entities within Florida. During the past 12 years, the Car Wash Industry has transitioned heavily into the “Express/Exterior Business Model, Dave’s primary efforts have been in the development of this business model, in addition to continuing servicing all types of wash models with a vast inventory of parts, wash solution products, and a factory trained service staff.

Dave and his wife Judy of 37 years have owned and operated an express exterior wash since March of 2008, in addition, Anything Car Wash has managed several car wash locations for clients throughout the years. Today, Judy and their entire staff operate the day to day operations, thus providing Dave to expand into his relationship with Gateway Capital Funding.

How to reach Pete:

Peter W. McKanna President and COO

404.907.3078 (Ext. 1103)


Toll Free: 1.888.598.8319

Toll Free Fax: 888.411.7572

5425 Peachtree Parkway N.W. Norcross, GA 30092

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